Cheap travel from Vancouver to Taipei

Hi there looking for some western Canadians that can tell me a good place to find a cheap ticket to Taipei, I have been looking all over the internet. You all must’ve gotten there somehow, right?

My wife and i went to a “chinese” travel agent in Metrotown and we each got a ticket for under $1000. Check out the travel agents near that area that have Chinese flyers as their clients are a little more demanding in terms of price when it comes to flying to Taipei.

If you don’t mind a drive to Seattle, I’ve found that the tickets are generally much cheaper from Seattle to Taipei than they are from Vancouver (both quoted in U.S. Dollars of course).

I usually have price quotes set up from both airports. Oddly enough, it’s often cheaper to fly to Hawaii from Vancouver than from Seattle.

Check the fares at Jade Tours before you buy from anyone else.

I’ve also bought cheap tickets from Jade Tours in the past…