Cheap ways to do Taipei (TPE) - Osaka (KIX)?

Hello everybody,

I have been wondering recently how to make this little trip.

I am willing to go to Osaka from Taipei, but I have no idea if there like low-cost airlines or something interesting.

Did anybody already did the trip and could give few informations about prices and such ?

Thank you very much,


Call Billie Tsui at 2562-9335 and she’ll quote you a ticket on the cheapest available airline.

Thank you for the information !
Is english/french/german/japanese spoken ? cause my chinese still sucks way too much to book something through a phone.

English, yes.

Flight starts around NT$12000, round trip. Packages start around $18300 incl. two nights hotel accomodation B&B. Contact Christine or Jack at (English version coming soon).

Thank you very much for your advices, I wish there would be some low-cost companies like in Europe :’(

I contacted you both, I am now waiting for nice offers :wink:

Some alternative rates were e-mailed to you directly. Please let me know of your intended dates of travel so I can try and find a better deal for you. Jack ( Tel: 07-971-7985.

Thank you everybody, I received all your offers. I will now have to wait to be in Taiwan before I can buy anything, also if you have some offices in Taipei, I might come and knock at the door of your office… :wink:

We are based in Kaohsiung, however, we are web based and will be able to cater to all your travelling needs and inquiries. Please give us a call once you arrived Taiwan, we are sure that we will be able to assist in your travel plans. (English version coming in Sep. 2008)
Christine / Jack
Tel: 07-971-7985

can you guys use email?

and an alternative method, much much cheaper, would be to swim.