Cheapest beer in Taipei?

Where can the cheapest beer be found in Taipei? RT-Mart sells 6-packs of Chang Beer (from Thailand) for NT$109, in other words NT$18 per can.

Can this price be beaten?

i can get bottles of taiwan draft for $45 nt each across from the ttl in taoyuan … slightly more expensive than yours, but better beer imho.

More than twice as much is more than slightly. That’s the same price as pretty much any beer at any 7-11 island wide.

you are aware, of course, that taiwan draft is sold in bottles that are 600 ml in size, whereas the chang in question is likely the canned variety, sold in either 330 ml or 350 ml?

as i said before, slightly more, for a better beer.

Meh. I’m well aware of the size of taiwan draft, most beer drinkers would argee that it’s swill. I’ve never drank two of them in a row that tasted the same. But it’s all personal taste of course.

The OP is not asking about best beer for the money, he’s asking about cheapest beer, bottom line.

perhaps you are confusing the brown and green bottles?

and if you are well aware of the size, then how can you claim that 600 ml for 45 nt is double 330 for 19? more yes, double no.

Let’s do the math shall we?

330@18nt 600@45
600@32.72 600@45

Now I may not be a math teacher but I can see that its cheaper to buy the chang, which is what the guy wanted in the first place. :stuck_out_tongue:

OK, people, all I’m seeking is the cheapest commercially available beer in Taipei. No need to argue!

Look out for this brand called Essential Beer. It’s packaged with the same generic look as Taiwan beer in a can is. The cheapest beer I’ve found on this island, about 15 or 16 NT a can. I would never, ever drink it (again). Literally tastes like aluminum syrup.

You should know by now that you can’t post on Fumosa without it turning into an argument


Person 1: I have (blablabla) for sale…askint 10,000NT

Person 2 (who obviously has no interest in buying it): WHAT!?! That’s rediculous, I bought my (blablabla) for $8,000NT…unless you explain more, it’s not worth it.

Anyway, about the beer, the absolute cheapest is probably what you found…but I think you need a membership at that store to get those prices. If you go to certain stores, like Welcome, you can probably find bulk Taiwan Beer…like a 12 or 24 pack. I have no idea about the prices of that, but it might be a deal and is worth checking out.

If you look closely at the fineprint on some of those ultra-cheap bears sold at RT Mart or wherever, some are brewed in Germany, which should be a good sign, shouldn’t it? They’re still brewing according to the “Reinheitsgesetz” (Beer Purity Law) as far as I know, a law spelling out the allowed ingredients for brewing beer (no additives etc.). I don’t drink beer in cans, but to each her own, 乾杯!! :wink:

It’s OB beer from Korea. But it’s not that cheap anywhere I’ve ever seen.