Cheapest palm-trees

I’m looking for about 6 palm trees over 6 ft tall…i’m looking for the cheapest variety of palm-like trees available…I already know about all the flower markets in taiapei and Taipei county, B and Q and all those type places…I’m looking for maybe a tree nursery or a farmer who sells…I’m pretty sure commercial landscapers are not flocking to under-bridge markets, so there’s somewhere they grow these things…also anyone know the cheapest varietie of long stem palm trees?..would it be a small betel tree?

Have you been to the market on Wenlin road in shilin? A couple of places there specialize in trees.

I see these palm tree farms occasionally on scooter rides but never note the location because, well, I don’t need it.
However, I do seem to recall a plantation on the way up the mountain from Youngning Station on the south end of the Blue Line toward Chentien Temple. I didn’t go check it out but I’m pretty sure there was about 40 Acres of trees. Most were about 6 foot but some larger and some smaller. I also don’t know the variety. Just a lead. Hope it works out.

I imagine those are betel nut plantations.

Simple. Go to your nearest garden center, tell them what you want, and they’ll either source it for you or will know someone who can.