Cheapest place to buy dishwasher powder



Now that Costco doesn’t seem to have the Cascade powder (well at least our nearest one says so) and now only stock the tablets (much more expensive per wash) does anyone know where the cheapest place to get dishwasher powder is?



Have your tried to get it online (PChome)?
That’s where the wife gets it.


@RickRoll yes, but at NTD 750 for 2kg, it seems rather expensive.


Last time I looked Costco sold a tub of Kirkland Signature powder. It’s probably just as good, if not better, than Cascade. Cheaper, too.

Have they stopped carrying dw powder altogether?


Yeah, that’s what we pay, but we use Finish instead of Cascade.
In fact, we’ve never tried Cascade, so I can’t say if it’s too different…


Don’t quite understand why my comment was moved into the unhelpful advice section. It was clearly among the more helpful things I posted on this forum.

Anyway, I was serious about making your own. You’ll save plenty of shiny NTD coins if you do. Happy Money Saver has a recipe that works well.