Cheapest way to call UAE from Taiwan?

Hi guys! Anybody knows whats the cheapest way to call UAE? Internet signal is very poor in their area hence i cant call thru skype etc.,my only way at present is to buy prepaid cards but i think it costs too much…thanks so much!

What about Skypeout?

I honestly really have no idea about Skypeout? Ive searched through the net, there are means which needs for me to buy credit using my credit card which i am hesitant to do cause i really dont know which one is legit…i really appreciate your reply…thanks :slight_smile:

means get credit for your skype and use that to call phones in the UAE.

Is there any other means i can get credit without using my credit card?just like bank payment?thanks again!by the way have you tried it before?

I don’t know… I think you can buy top up cards from a 7-11. I havent tried calling the UAE, I dont know anyone there.

Thanks again, been reading it. Top Up Cards?( first time to hear about it) Im sorry about that… Really thanks! Does it work like Paysafe card like in Europe?

Its cards that you buy that adds credits to your account. I gather you have only been in Taiwan for a few days…

Not actually few days hehehe, been here for few months, but i really find it hard here cause I usually create troubles how to express myself cause I dont know how to speak Chinese :frowning: Got it thru the net, here in Taiwan you have to course thru the service providers here as required by the Telecommunications Agency here. I still have to look how would i do it if I dont have phone subscriptions here. Need also to buy the credit thru PCHome, skypes partner here in Taiwan. Thanks to you…so much!!

Definetly Skype. If you get a skype premium account (which is something like, 160NT$/month) they also give you free calls to landlines to a country of your choice. If you just use the skype credit, the calls are a little bit more expensive, but really beat any call plan that you might have.

I use Skype everyday to call to europe landlines, and assuming you’re on WiFi/LAN, it works great (on 3G/HSPA it has delays).

If you have a smartphone, or can connect your computer via a smartphone hotspot/tether, then internet signal isn’t important and you can use skype. Or vibor, line, etc. if the other person that you are calling also uses them. And they are free.

Most VOIP programmes are blocked in the UAE, but Skype is usable without video I think.

The internet here is pretty sucky, slow, and overpriced. The signal constantly drops sometimes as well (this has been happening to me all week and always happens on certain days /times). There is only one internet provider in the entire country and it is owned by the government, so there’s no surprise there! :s

I use MagicJack to call my family in the US, but sometimes I just get fed up with the crap connection and end up calling them on my mobile. It is the only way to have a reliable call without aggravation. Sadly, that’s what you may end up having to do too, OP.

Thanks alot! Still trying to decipher things, prepaid cards really cost alot. Yup, they have a poor internet signal which I couldnt even make a call thru skype. My only way out is to call thru mobiles but as i said, quite expensive around 14NT dollars per minute :frowning: Im thinking about skype credit but I dont know how to buy it here in Taiwan without using my credit card online ( had bad experience with credit card transactions before)

When I call the US on my mobile, it costs the equivalent of 40 Taiwan dollars per minute! It would probably cost even more to call Taiwan from here.

I really hate our phone / internet provider here in the UAE! Grrrr…

Doesn’t it depend on where in UAE? I don’t recall having problems in Dubai with line or vibor when I visited last year or before that.

Doesn’t it depend on where in UAE? I don’t recall having problems in Dubai with line or vibor when I visited last year or before that.[/quote]

Tango, that is probably true. I’m not familiar with either programme and haven’t really kept up with that side of technology since coming here nearly 7 years ago. Good to know that those programs work here. :slight_smile:

EDIT: It won’t matter where you live in the UAE; if those programs worked in Dubai, they will work everywhere. Thanks again for that. :slight_smile:

You register on the website, top-up your account with credits, you can then call directly from their website with your computer and also download an app called MobileVOIP on your iPhone, Android Phone, Window Phone, Blackberry (yep, even have Blackberry) and make your calls through Wifi and data network. You can also have call back functions => they establish the call between you (your local cell or landline and your contact).

This is one of the Betamax brands (probably the biggest VOIP provider in the world after Skype) and quality is great. They have a lot of websites to cater different needs: I have been using Rynga for more than 5 years which allow free calls for most of Europe.