I’m looking for cheesecloth (cheese cloth), which is a meshy cotton used in cooking for straining and wrapping inedible spices, and of course making cheese.

Also if anyone could tell me how to say cheesecloth in Chinese, that would be awesome, even if you don’t know where to buy it in Taipei.

It looks like this:

My ECD doesn’t have a word for it, just an explanation of what it is. Basically it’s a coarse cotton gauze, so I would say that: cu1de sha1bu4
. Your best bets are probably the fabric market at Dihua Jie in Taibei, and specialized baking goods stores. If you find it, please post the address here for the rest of us. (The stuff is useful for straining yogurt, for instance.)

That’s what I think they should have called the Internet. It’s not a spider web, it’s a cheesecloth!

And websites would be called curds.
And hackers would be called curdish rebels.


乾酪包布 gan1luo4 bao1bu4 gānluò bāobù

…according to the English-Chinese Textile Dictionary that I just happen to have on my desk. Also:

粗棉布 cu1jin3bu4 cūjǐnbù

i’ve seen something similar in one of those $99 stores, it was in japanese packaging and meant for cooking dumplings or something i think. there were several different grades. specifically in tienmu, corner of tienmu n. and tienmu w. roads, ne corner, in basement.

I got some when I purchsed herbs at the chinese medicine shop.

I bought some at City Super a while back. Not sure if they still have it, though.

I know you can get fabrics of all kinds at Diwha street, I go there for speaker cloth as well as the leather thingie you cover guitar amps with. I am positive I seen something like that, I mean they got to be available because something like this is used in Taiwan for making soy milk.