Chen shooting revisited

This is what is shown in the photo you posted, and it’s what I mean by crater pointing inward.

You think LSE is in on the conspiracy???

It would be more convincing if there aren’t a dozen planes and naval incursions across the mid point of the strait everyday.

The polarization is built in to the first past the post voting system. Any government operating with this voting system will be hijacked by two main parties each claiming to own one side of a very important issue without a political solution. Just look at the USA.

From that picture it definitely looks like the hole is smaller on the inside. The experts need to answer for that.

It’s white and gold or blue and black all over again…

I’m not catching that reference. Unless you’re referring to black gold.


People on the internet couldn’t agree on the color of this dress. Some insists it’s white and gold, some insists it’s black and blue.

From all the photos available, including the ones in the official report, I think there’s a crater with its larger opening facing inside the jeep.

Some people can see it differently, but it’s perfectly understandable.

Is this a plateau or a crater?

It’s this problem all over again.

However, insisting it’s obvious and everyone should all agree is counter-productive. It’s also why I would rather believe the professionals who inspected the jeep in person.

An eight (8!) year gap in posting interrupted by this! :neutral_face:


There’s a whole thread on those (ahem) allegations. Maybe you could post more about your views on this pressing matter there.


Pardon me, I might edit this within a few mins of posting. trying to get multi quotes to work on my phone.

It isnt a notion and it isnt that the Chinese KMT are always betraying Taiwan. the problem is they objectively do it enough that is is quite problematic. That is not a pan green opinion, that is an objective reality that anyone that cares about Taiwan not being swallowed by china should understand and care about. I am furthest thing from pan green. I feel you are just assuming if someone wants Taiwan to be Taiwan without oppression from china you just assume they are pro/pan green. this is short sighted and erroneous. perhaps ignorant.

Most people are against the CCP as well as taiwnaese political parties . Including DPP bullshit. I dont think you find any arguments against DPP being a shit show. it is also obvious and objective. It still, unfortunately, remains preferable. but certainly not ideal.

Agreed it doesnt have everything to do with that. but CKMT politics is equally about chinese even in lower level governments. it’s a bit Turing.listening to CKMT supporters rant on about we need to sell out to china and make money not realizing they did that with ma and now we are getting shafted by the CCP. it is a laughable notion. Pawns in both camps are seemingly functionally retarded when it.comes to actually thinking and communication longevity of a country. bat shit, frankly.

Maybe try to restrain yourself a bit, you come off a bit q anon level when you judge strangers in this way. I am here, been here for a while ways are not western, regardless of my.birth place.

it isnt me saying this, it is their actions. I dont need to say squat, they do things that severely jeopardize our nationality. this is not some kind of hippy wish wash. it is fairly standard. I dont think the CKMT even bother denying.this much anymore. they have picked their side.

Again, nope. I am not saying every CKMT person is bought by the CCP. please re read the posts, but also re evaluate the actual population of Taiwan. not everyone is extreme chinese leaning. many CKMT voters simply hate the DPP. same goes the other way around. Many people arent educated to understand the difference.between nationality and race and their wording.reflects it. others think Taiwan is china. there is a huge spectrum. if you think things are that simple, it sort of looks like there is no conversation. just you made up your mind.

There is no denying the modern day Chinese KMT have switched from taking back china to a more let’s just merge with china and get quick rich and not discuss the long term ramifications of such a move.

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Here’s my video of the testing on this windshield.

The entry holes do not indicate any sort of crater. Just a clean hole.

The exit holes do indicate a crater. That is a blown out portion of the hole protruding outwards indicating the bullet exited from that side. If you put your finger up to the hole, you can cut your finger.

For entry holes, unless you stick your finger into the hole, it’s smooth so you can’t cut your finger.

The actual hole in the 319 case shows a clear crater on only one side. The exit hole on the outside of the windshield.

Notice how Dr. Lee and his team never discussed the crater? They avoided this topic because they would have to show it to us. If the crater was on the inside of the windshield, they would have been happy to photograph it for us, but they never showed clear pictures of the windshield and just said it was hit from the outside. Dr. Lee instead used shreds of glass on the dashboard to suggest it was from the outside instead of addressing the crater itself.

By skillfully avoiding the issue, he concealed the true direction of the shot.

It’s common for paid experts to only mention things that benefit their side.

It’s the crater that matters.

In this picture, you can only see from one side, so is there a crater or not?

Perhaps you’re misunderstanding the principle. When you see a windshield hole from only one side, you can’t judge which side is smaller or bigger.

In this case, you can only see from the outside, so we have to go by whether or not there is a crater or not around the hole.

There’s a clear crater surrounding the hole making it an exit hole.

Do you understand what’s happening in the KMT these days?

Tsai is limited to two terms so she has been promoting Hou as her replacement instead of William Lai whom she has a rivalry with. It’s the TI movement that is after her fake PhD from LSE because she cheated Lai out of the DPP primary in 2019.

There is big money backing Hou in this campaign and they have bought off several KMT legislators who are publicly backing Hou despite the fact that his polls are in 3rd place.

Since 2020, a pro US faction of the KMT has been keeping their mouths shut on a range of issues including Tsai’s fake PhD which the US wants to keep under wraps.

You are sticking with the pan green notion of KMT being bought off by the CCP, but don’t realize that a lot of KMT people are a part of the US bloc and don’t attack the DPP for anything. Instead, they just act like there’s nothing wrong with the situation and they serve US interests which is serving DPP interests.

If you don’t know this, then how can you make these kinds of generalizations about the party?

The party is known by its own supporters for doing absolutely nothing and not acting like an opposition party. Does that sound like a pro CCP party to you?

I could post there, but the fake PhD case isn’t my area of expertise.

I did do videos about it, but this isn’t really my axe to grind.

It’s those Taiwan Independence people supporting William Lai that are going after Tsai for that.

My position is to get fair elections for Taiwan.

Just get them out of the car for a few seconds until this bizarre theater was concluded and let them back in. Since no one saw this fantastic chicanery occurring that presumably would have been possible.

It’s not that I literally can’t look at it :slight_smile: I don’t know anything about how windshield glass reacts to bullets. Anyway from the many comments it’s clearly inconclusive.

You can say that again.

I’ve explained why the windshield hole is in fact conclusive because you can see the crater.

It’s not difficult to recognize a crater protruding from a hole.

So if you claim you don’t understand impacts to windshields, you can’t say it is inconclusive.

It’s no inconclusive, because you can see the crater. To continue to claim it is inconclusive is denying obvious and clear evidence of an exit hole on the outside of the windshield.

The radial fractures are on the outside of the windshield. Not the inside.

This isn’t as clear as the crater you can see, but it’s clear the radial fractures are on the outside of the windshield.

One of the foreign NTU students pointed this out.

Look at 3:18 in this video. What the student is pointing is the radial fractures which originate from the hole.

I’m judging by the experts and now also many comments from people I know in this forum.

It’s pretty obvious the glock and the 9mm bullet you used are much more powerful than those made by Tang. It is much easier to tell the difference between the size of entrance and exit holes caused by a bullet that packs more punch, and you would also get a smoother hole.

Other than how clean and round the hole is, I also can’t really tell the difference between the entry hole in your footage and the one in the report.


I think it is much easier to compare the entrance and exit holes from a same shot side-by-side, than to compare between two different shots.

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I dont think you read a single word I wrote. Please re read and try again :slight_smile: