Chen Shui Bian and Mao Ze Dong

The visit was in 1991. Chen also visited the Military Museum in Beijing and took a picture with a tank.

I’ve been there, too!

do you have a point to this? why not mention it, instead of just posting pics from the news which we are already privy to … that’s kinda the point you know.


!!! CSB has been to Beijing! Pictures above !!!

…we now return to our regularly scheduled program…

Where is Bu Lai En when you need him!

I missed the point of that post as well.

Of course, my Ignore settings could have something to do with it.


CSB went to Beijing with a LY group right after the TAM Square incident. It wasn’t a personal trip. I can’t recall what his trip was for; it was to investigate something. Can somebody please remind me? I understand he met with some PRC officials.

He was part of an undercover Special Ops mission that was suppose to infiltrate the goverment and eliminate those not in favor of a 1 Taiwan 1 China policy.
Of course you would hardly find a link in the media about this and the question you are asking yourself right now is irrelevant, you’re thinking “How does he know that” Well, even if I spit everything no one will be able to comprehend the magnitude of this operation.

I hope this answer your OP. :sunglasses:

Oh yeah, here it is. Chen Shui Bian with a tank in Beijing in 1991.