Chengyu Bible book?


Hey folks, I need a recommendation for a book or pdf that lists Cheng Yu in order of frequency / usefulness. Should contain: Complex characters, pinyin, bpmf and Chinese / English definition with examples. Basically looking for the Chengyu Bible.

My kid is in grade four here in Taiwan and has to slog through learning Chengyu. The public schools here introduce their frequency based on character introduction. That is to say, they learn those Chungyu first for the characters they already know. Fair enough.

The problem is, the teachers do not discuss the meanings of the Chungyu at all. Therefore, my wife and I figure that we can help to discuss the meanings of the Chungyu in English with our son and thereby help him solidify them to memory.

Any book recommendations would be swell.


Maybe this book?

500 Common Chinese Idioms: an Annotated Frequency Dictionary


The Taipei Times has a cheng yu section every Monday. The bilingual section. Very in-depth. You can check out the web version. Here’s the one from a few days ago: