Anyone seen this PC game here in Taiwan. Can’t seem to find it. My son is getting pretty interested and good so I’d like to get this teaching aid for him.

Yes, in my apartment!

I’ve got a copy around somewhere too. Okay, let’s really get together some time this week and I’ll give that and your maple syrop to you. :wink:

I also have the original chessmaster.

Thanks guys, Chris will help me out with that.
But MM yes, I’ll call you this week.
Thanks again.

I have the CM6000 discs - brought them from home. I’ve wondered if they can be ripped and copied (although, I would NEVER do that because that would piracy and that would be wrong), cuz you need to put one of the CD’s in the drive in order to get the prog to run.
I shall investigate (as a purely theoretical / hypothetical matter) the ripping and burning. Send me a PM if you’re interested.

Side Note: Has anyone, or does anyone know anyone, who has ever beaten this vicious program on the Chessmaster setting?