Chi-Eng Dictionary for Sony PSP?

Hi -

I might be in the extreme minority here but maybe someone has answers. Coming through China I bought a Sony PSP b/c I was wowed by its versatility beyond games (mp3-player, movie device, e-book reader, image viewer…) Recently I’ve been using it to study flashcards from, which definitely beats carry around stacks of cards.

I bought the machine in Urumqi as a store was closing for the day. The shop assistant showed me a Chinese-English English-Chinese dictionary available for the PSP but ddidn’t have the time to transfer it for me. I checked throughout southern Chinese tech centers with no luck, but a few merchants said Taiwan was the place to look. The program is made for Chinese studying English moreso than vice versa but if anybody has come across anything like it in Taiwan, let me know.


Search also in homebrew-related sites. Googling, I found:

rrc2soft, the DS guy, who does not visit these forums but came here by luck (again :wink: )