Chiapas Mexico: Unrest again?

Chiapas in Southern Mexico went on red alert last Sunday. I have no idea how bad it really is. However I’ve travelled in this area only two years ago (there were travel warnings issued for North Americans but I’m not North American) and for nearly ten years one of my sisters lived nearby in Tuxtla Guttierez. At the moment I’m not sure if she is still there or has moved with her husband to Villerhermosa city in Tabasco. She was living in the Chiapas state when the original incident took place.

Edit: Now there is thankfully a promise of no violence.

this title is misleading.
i don’t believe the red alert has been cancelled as of this writing (unless it just hasn’t been translated yet). the red alert was not issued because they were planning to attack, more likely to defend against potential attacks, as has happened before when they have been in consulta (“discussions”?). the zapatistas have made clear that they are not planning to attack anybody, but they have not, and cannot, promise there will be no violence. they have only promised that they will not initiate violence. they have not promised not to defend themselves if the mexican state attacks them.

[quote=“s.b.”]this title is misleading.[/quote] The thread title has been changed yet again since your post.

[quote=“Matchstick_man”][quote=“s.b.”]this title is misleading.[/quote] The thread title has been changed yet again since your post.[/quote]

it’s much better now.

IMHO this is the most fascinating thing in International politics happening right now. After the “red alert” was issued I was quite worried that the Zapatistas were gonna return to armed struggle.

The fact that the Mexican government was moving troops into the area and falsely claiming that pot was found growing in zapatista controlled regions was especially troubling. I’m glad that Marcos has confirmed that they are not planning to return to violent struggle and that the Mexican authorities have confirmed the pot was not on land under the control of the zapatistas.

Clearly though, they are planning something. With such an enigmatic group it could be about anything. Any ideas what they have up their sleeve?

They have confirmed that all groups that have supported them in the past are not to have their names sullied by whatever they do next. I’m guessing it may have something to do with the upcoming Mexican elections, but you never know.

I’m currently seeking predictions of what they do after the consultas and when they do it. Any ideas?