Chiayi official red light district?

Not gonna lie. Got Caught by the City Councilor Photo proposing to legalize prostitution on Chiayi.


From that article:

Lingxi argues that sex workers in Taiwan suffer serious socio-economic disadvantages due to legal restrictions. A legalized zone for sex work would serve the local economy as a draw for tourism, while also allowing for sex workers to legally obtain labor insurance and establish mechanisms and organizations to protect their rights.

Some research suggests that there are over 100,000 sex workers in Taiwan, most from poor backgrounds, and that they serve an estimated 3 million customers annually, reported UDN. Many sex workers in Taiwan are also foreign women, primarily from Southeast Asian countries.

Finally some progressive politics!



I am sure this gonna boost tourism exponentially


It needs to be approved by Chiayi City Council first.

I will not be holding my breath for it to pass.


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Imagine Sex Workers Protesting “WE HAVE LEGAL RIGHTS!” lmao

It’s hardly uncommon.

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What is funny about that?

Are they not human deserving of human rights?


Is it common for politicians to dress like that? I wasn’t paying attention to the rest of the article.

I heard KMT actually supports legal prostitution, in fact it was legal when they were in full control of the ROC, or so I heard.

I think legal sex work would at least ensure this is done safely and that the sex worker isn’t forced or anything.

True. Everyone got human rights. However, Legal rights are different tho. Prostitution to be specific. Until they declare it legal officially.

So shouldn’t sex workers have a right to safe work?

Protesting is one way to get a conversation going. It’s a right to protest too.

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True. IMO, Till they get legalize it on specific zones. Else, They just keep getting busted by Police and Snitches. This might attract Sex Trafficking as well.

Ah, ok, I thought that was the new CEO of Titter for a second, thanks for clearing that up.


Now there’s an app with potential :sunglasses:

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People back home already get Thailand and Taiwan confused, this won’t help.

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Making it illegal clearly isn’t stopping the practice. If a law does more harm than positive in real life even if it has positive intentions, it’s time to rethink the law.


Confusing Chiayi with Chiang Mai? :thinking:


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