Chiayi to alishan on scooter


How long (diatance and time) does it take to go from chiayi to alishan (for the sunrise) by scooter?


I think its around 2 to 3 hours? Depending on what kinda scooter you have and how fast you go?

If I remember correctly, Chiayi to Alishan took 1.5 hours and Alishan to Chiayi took about an hour (it’s faster going downhill). Also remember, you can’t drive your scooter to the “scenic viewing area”. You can walk or take a train there.

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

It’s not how long it takes to get there but how and where you go that’s important.

I suggest leaving the main no 18 highway (not unpleasant if in a rush, or need 7-11s) and taking one of the smaller roads up - 159 jai, 162 jai (buy a decent map…Chinese only) most of the way up. Try to get your hands on the 3 excellent colorful maps/guides published by Alishan Scenic Area Admin for Shanmei, Fenchihu, Rueli,Taihe, Tefuye etc. All beautiful areas.

Once at the entrance of Alishan resort itself, I recommend you skip it and head 20km further to the East to Tataka. Alishan is much better if you have grown up with the image of the cute little railway, and sunrise - now accompanied by loud hailers. Forget the map issued for the resort itself.

Yushan Nat Park publishes a useful little b/w guide to the Tataka area, available either at the National Park visitor center or at the close by Tungpu hostel (nothing to do with Tungpu hot spring resort many km along no 21) $300/night for ‘basic’ dorm accommodation, quilts provided. Otherwise camp in the car parks where it says no camping - OK if you pack up in the morning. Lots of nice hiking around here, without the circus effect of Alishan resort.

OMFG that will be COLD.

takes three-three and a half hours by bicycle (racing) so should be the same on a slow scooter… 75 km, 2200 m altitude gain.

i did that once but we start at Yun-lin…
we stop at funcihu for the lunch and rest.
just make sure to full your tank before start.

btw it will have lof of traffic durring weekend…so be careful.

fellow the road sign and you won’t get lost

you can have a rest here.

there is another station at the entrace.
don’t forget to full your tank before you leave.

Two things to add:

Bring lots of heavy clothing, it was 8 degrees there when I went last October. Makes it very cool on a scooter.

The gas station doesn’t open until 8 am, and there was a long line. I had been waiting since seven so was one of the first to get gas.

Wow pics and all! You guys have been tons of help, Thank you, Thank you!