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Here you will find a list of child-friendly eateries around town. If you’d like to add an establishment, please include at least the city and phone number and address of the business. Please also include if you can:

-availability of kids menu
-ample high chairs
-safe area for children
-restrooms child-friendly?
-stroller parking
-area for breastfeeding
-helpfulness of staff
-available for party bookings?

And any other information you think will be useful for parents. I will do my best to keep this list up-to-date and cross-post it in the Restaurants forum, with the assistance of the Restaurant moderator. Please advise of any changes to the business.

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Lollypop (Tianmu)

Facebook: Lollypop-禾米美式餐廳
#435 Section 6 Zhongshan North Road 02.2876.0868 (one block south of TAS)
Close Mondays, open Tu-Fri 11-8.30 PM last call, open Sa and Sun and holidays 9.30-8.30 PM last call

They have a kids play area on the 2nd floor looking down to the street below. The area is not that big, but there is a slide/swing combo structure, some stuffed toys, books, cars, enough to keep a young toddler occupied for 15-20 minutes while adults scarf their food down, if you get my drift. Don’t expect your kiddo to stay in the area by themselves for too long. :laughing: I’ve seen the staff clean the toys and foam mats before closing time, so I think they’re pretty diligent about keeping the play area hygienic. Lots of people hold parties there, and there is a small private room.

Cute high chairs, kid utensils, kid-sized sink in the bathroom, parenting magazines to read. Alcohol most definitely served on premises for parents who need it. English-speaking staff. We really enjoy the food there, which surprised us, because it’s rare to find a kid-themed restaurant that also does food well, but this place does. I have been meaning to come here on my own without the kiddos, but haven’t found the time yet. Huge salads for under $300, great seafood pasta, and good burgers, fries, etc. My fave are the Thai fish salad, garden salad, and seafood pasta. Kids menu has the usual Mac 'n cheese, grilled cheese, etc.

Good place to bring the younger toddler set. Highly recommend. :thumbsup:

Here’s a place I just heard about recently, Galilei Brunch, a family restaurant in Shilin with a padded play area on the second floor.

I haven’t visited yet but plan to go soon.

1F., No.153, Shishang Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei, Taiwan 111

Facebook page:

We were at Lollypop in Tianmu a few weeks ago. Excellent choice for a kid-friendly restaurant. The food was cheap and delicious and the staff were very friendly. I chatted with the owner for a while and her English is fluent. Her chef used to work in a 5 star hotel but left to do something more fun and fullfilling.

We booked the little private room, which was very comfortable for us four parents and two kids.

The only thing that sucks for me was the location, as finding a streetside spot to park a car around there is a nightmare and I had to hike 15 minutes(each way!) from the parking lot by the Mc Donald’s, but it was worth the walk.

  1. BABY CAFE (Taipei TienMu West Rd, lane 5, no 3; 02-2874-9448)
    -availability of kids menu : yes
    -ample high chairs : yes
    -safe area for children : yes, 2 areas actually (one for babies, one for toddlers, both are padded)
    -restrooms child-friendly? : yes
    -stroller parking : yes (outside in their covered front door area)
    -area for breastfeeding : yes
    -helpfulness of staff : yes
    -available for party bookings? yes (in fact, best advised to make reservation on weekends as parties often take over)

They also have classes for 3-5 year olds in their 2 private rooms, though I’m not sure what classes as my kid isn’t old enough yet.
Quality of the food is not as good as Lollypop in my opinion, rather bland. Poor imitation of western food, for example the club sandwich has terrible supermarket ham, no bacon, crappy white bread. But play area is much better than Lollypop
Parking nearby underneath the Tienmu circle. They accept credit cards

  1. ISABELLA (Taipei, Zhongshan North Rd sec 5, lane 505, no 24; 02-2883-3820)
    -availability of kids menu : yes
    -ample high chairs : on 1/F there are some high chairs, but on 2/F you sit on the ground on cushions scattered around low tables, so you don’t need high chairs
    -safe area for children : yes, 1 big room on the 1/F has been set aside as an indoor play area, though it is in a separate room to the dining areas
    -restrooms child-friendly? : can’t remember
    -stroller parking : yes (outside in their covered front door area)
    -area for breastfeeding : yes
    -helpfulness of staff : no real impression that it was bad, so it must have been OK
    -available for party bookings? don’t know
    5 min walk from Shilin MRT, parking at the MRT station. They accept credit cards

  2. 逸馨園 (Taipei County, Banqiao, Nanya East Rd, no 45, inside Nanya Night Market; 02-2965-8080)

A blogger has posted some pics here ( are pretty helpful, you can see the pics of the 2 indoor play areas available. The building is actually really beautiful, a traditional tea house setting)

-availability of kids menu : yes
-ample high chairs : ?
-safe area for children : yes, 2 big areas, one on 1/F and one on 2/F
-restrooms child-friendly? : can’t remember
-stroller parking : sort of (the restaurant is big enough that you can leave strollers near your table)
-area for breastfeeding : yes, on 2/F within the play area they have set up a rudimentary room for BF-ing
-helpfulness of staff : not really
-available for party bookings? don’t know

About 15 min walk from Fuzhong MRT.

Others I’ve yet to try :
4. (Taipei, about 20min walk from Jiantan MRT)

  1. (Taipei, phone number & map link on the blogger’s webpage)

  2. A380 restaurant (Taipei, 101 Mitsukoshi A8, 4/F) … 679&Plus=Y

  3. Leo’s playland (Taipei, Xinyi)

  4. Wawau2 (Taipei)

4-8 are from a local parenting magazine and the magazine has more suggestions in other cities (Taoyuan, Xinzhu, Maioli, Taichung, Kaoshiung) but I don’t have time to write them now…