Childcare in Taipei

Wife and I are moving to Taiwan. I am an early retiree and got a job with HESS. We have a child, and wanted to know if anyone knew of day care/preschool costs.

What is the cost of an ayi too?

Ballpark estimates and any first hand experiences are more than welcome. Thank you!


As for babysitter

As for day care

It seems the link doesn’t work now.
The cost of day care in Taipei area may be roughly around 20000NTD/month + red envelope and registration fee. It is cheaper outside of Taipei.

Education or welfare department of local government has the information, often in their Chinese site.

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Right now day cares are closed due to Covid restrictions.

Besides that its about 10 to 20,000 a month.

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Hess is about 12000 a month plus 30000 every six months. So about 200000 a year. Not every Hess charges the same and some have all day English programs which are more expensive.

The all day Chinese kindergartens will be cheaper.

As far as an Ayi goes. My sis in law used to have one that came to her house. 30000 a month. No cleaning and cooking. Just looking after the kid. 9 to 4. Mon to fri. There are ones you can send your kids to. Cheaper, but I heard that they don’t like kids once they get to three or four. They want the ones who just sleep and eat so they can take care of more at once.

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That is rermarkably square treatise.

Thank you for the info. My wife is Chinese so it looks like she can scan the Chinese sites and find a good fit. Anyone have kids attending public schools for education?

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