Children Made To Eat Their Own Vomit at Cat's Kindergarten (凱斯幼兒園)

I just caught this on Facebook. Perhaps someone with better Mandarin skills than I can translate what is being said here.

But from what I gathered is that many children were abused, parents reported it to authorities and the school used its guanxi to make the case disappear.

I would imagine that if any of these allegations are proven to be true then someone should go to jail for this.

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I heard about this. Basically, the kids didn’t want to eat their lunch so the teacher just shovels it in their mouth. They can’t handle it so they spit the food out. Teacher says you can’t just spit it out and makes them put it back in their mouth and swallow. I’ve seen situations similar to this. I could be way off but it seems extreme to make a child actually eat vomit.

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just as important is how many parents pulled their kids from that kindergarten after reading about it on FB or through local media

Some people should never be around children. It should be a crime to treat children or any other creature this way. Shoving food in their mouth is inhumane and will create an eating disorder. There are long lists in the news about the two teachers and they were creatively mean.


Child abuse is the reason i quit teaching years ago. The teaching profession draws a lot of psychos, much like police. Sad :frowning:


Many countries still lack adequate child protection laws and even if such laws exist child protection services might do a poor job enforcing those.

In most developed countries physical punishment of children is forbidden by law and rightfully so. Psychological torments also can cause disorders in children e.g. eating disorders and anxiety.

Many who experienced this in their childhood might think this is normal and continue the cycle with their own children.

Parenting/educating is a very controversial topic. But some people are not meant to be parents and this causes a lot of suffering for the children.

Those teachers should be punished and based on severity of their actions even be barred from working with children in the future.

Even now a lot of elementary schools ask the parents if they can hit them or not. Only the big cities have changed. Its disgusting and deservin of jail in many cases. Face and/or shitty parents prevent taking it further. The other teachers have their hands tied as they too give in to pressure. I still have pictures in old HD of a lot of child abuse cases. Bruises, pulled muscles, scratches even a couple bite marks…i have respect for good teachers but can never say i respect teachers as is, without them proving they are worth respecting :frowning: too many horrible ones. Worse than police in many areas. Nevermind the common coverups of sexual harrassment, molesting etc. Puke worthy.

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I once worked at a kindergarten (over a decade ago). My first job in Taiwan. My coteacher forced an obese child to finish two portions, despite the child’s insistence that she was full. Coteacher claimed the family (grandparents) demanded this.

The classroom next to mine had an abusive local teacher (locking students in the bathroom, tying them to their chairs, etc.). All the while she was studying for her Master’s in Early Childhood Education. :thinking:


I think it’s not that uncommon here. I’ve seen teachers and the school Ai screaming at kids to finish some slop that they could barely eat. Once I just walked into the classroom, grabbed the bowls and threw the food out. I had some pretty shocked looks. On a few other occasions, while the Ai wasn’t looking, I took the bowls and tossed them out the window. I think I earned some points those day.

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It looks like the owners of Cat’s have come out and made a formal apology. Too little too late if you ask me.

Though it appears that the school had been over enrolling students and then scamming parents out of hundreds of thousands of tuition fees.


I saw this at Happy Marian, too.