Children's Books about Immigration experience (Chinese)?

Hi. I checked out a great bi-lingual book called “My Name is Hannah” on the reading service Tumblebooks provides animated stories to many libraries and universities, you already may have access. Anyway. this book was about a young girl’s experience living low a while in the states while waiting for her family’s green card to arrive. There are also other books in the series like “I hate English”.

The readers we give our kids here don’t seem to say anything about American Life or what our grandparents went through to become Americans/Canadians in the first place. Check out the book, if you have any other children’s book suggestions about the immigration experience or normal everyday multi-cultural life. Please post it here. I’m sick of America and the west in general being portrayed as Pizza Hut, McDonald’s and I need to give my students a taste of what it feels like being an outsider in strange land.

I’m willing to buy a few titles and we could perhaps start a lending library.
Suggestions? … 0763635219 … d_sim_b_10 … pd_sim_b_3
The reading service
Psst… I once used an account provided by a student who was a studying at the teacher’s university here in Taiwan, so I could teach her kid and of course my other students… But now I have a legit account. Just telling you that access is indeed possible. Cheers… :slight_smile: Get your library card from your home country on your next trip back…

Just an FYI regarding Tumblebooks, you can access it using your Taipei Public Library account. I have the link somewhere on my blog (, under one of the latest Taipei library posts).

What? I hear crickets…

Isn’t anyone interested in stories of people leaving most things behind and trying to get by in a new culture?

The kids here do need empathy. I also wish I could write or find a children’s book about a mixed child trying to fit in in rural Taiwan.