Children's books in Chinese, Taipei

Where is a good place to find Children’s books in Chinese? I’m also looking for children’s “books on tape” in Chinese. I can’t actually read Chinese worth a damn (yet), so if anyone has any advice on finding this stuff I would really appreciate it. :help:

p.s. I live in Taipei

:blush: I think u can find the book in bookstore easily.maybe u can read the textbook of primary u can post ur needs of used textbook.
I think u can receive them from students.try it.

There’s a nice family owned store with a decent selection of children’s books (not comic books – real books) in English and Chinese (some local books and some translations of good foreign books) a few blocks behind the Formosa Plastic Bld, which is next door to Changung Hospital on Tunhua N. Rd.

Unfortunately I don’t know their hours, which seem to be slightly unreliable. But if you’re in the area, there’s a road that exits onto Tunhua, which separates the hospital from the Formosa Bldg. Walk down that road away from Tunhua just a few blocks, past a little park and a Royal Host restaurant till you get to the first traffic light and the store will be just on the other side of that intersection on the left.

Or, if that’s too much trouble surely Eslite and Kingstone have lots of children’s books. Actually, I remember noticing the decent selection of children’s books at Kingstone on Minsheng E Rd, not too far from Minsheng Circle.

Page One has a lot of books. There are English children’s books there, as well as a large selection of Chinese children’s books. Page One is on the 4th floor in Taipei 101 Mall.