Chili for the Small Kitchen

There are as many recepies for chili as there are cooks. This is easy and tastes damn good. Eat it by the bowl or pile it onto a burger patty.

You will need:
A large pot
Pinto (chili) beans
1-2 pounds of ground pork or beef
4 chopped red tomotoes or 1 can of chopped tomatoes
1 medium yellow onion
1 heaping Tablespoon of brown sugar
salt and pepper
chili powder
red chili peppers

Rinse about 1 pound of pinto beans and put into a large pot full of water. Boil the beans on medium low at a slow boil for about 3 hours or until the beans are soft. Don’t pour off the water after they are done. Try to add only a little water at a time during the last hour so the water is not too high in the pot when the beans are finally finished cooking. Watch the water supply as I have scorched them many times and have to chuck the whole lot.
Most of the traditional grocery stores have repackaged pinto beans. They are packaged in bags of about 1 pound each. They are the brown and white beans - not the small dark red ones.

Brown the meat with the garlic. I usually add a little oil if the meat is very lean (which it usually is) Add the chopped onion and let them cook for a few minutes, stirring the mix occasionally.

Dump the meat mixture into the water and beans.
Add the tomatoes.
Add the brown sugar, salt, pepper and spices to taste.
Let this simmer on low for another hour or so. It can burn very easily at this point so VERY low heat and stir occasionally. It will start to smell so good that you will make frequent trips to the kitchen to taste anyway so stir while you are there.

Let me again say that this is a very versatile dish. You may like to add other spices and ingredients. Experiment.

I like mine over half a burger bun and a burger patty piled high with more chopped onion and some shredded chedder. Add a baseball game and a cold beer.

this sounds really good. i will try it out, but maybe replace the beef with tofu.

I propose Enigma as honorary Food Forum moderator.

Jason’s has some veggie mince that goes great in a chilli.

thanks for the suggestion, Stray Dog.

only if we can personally taste test the recipes :smiley:

Aye! supported. Enigma has given me a few good times serving home-cooked food to my girls. If I still had a stash of guanxi$, I would give him the whole lot.


Thanks to all for your kind words. I really do like to cook and have done so for many years. Most of the receipe’s I post are simple foods that my mum cooked for our large family when I was a kid. When my kids were young, I often cooked this kind of stuff for them as my wife worked late and the task often fell to me. Then, a few years ago I started writing a cookbook for university dorm students with small kitchens - much like most of us have here. These are just some of what I had written - modified somewhat for the local ingredients.
Thanks again for all your comments.

Have you ever tried cumin in your chili? Gives a great Tex-mex favor. Also, wait for it - corn. Yes, gives a slightly sweet flavor. You can add rice but it has to be cooked already and add it in at the last minute or it will absorb too much flavor.

I also like to use steak and not ground beef.

That’s the nice thing about chili. Just add whatever floats your boat. Steak was above my means when my kids were young so - hamburger. But, yes, finely chopped beef or pork would be better. My actual preference is venison or bear - but - hell, now I’m getting homesick.

Venison chili can’t be beat, though I suppose it’s damn near impossible to get in Taiwan. Rice is one thing I’d never have thought to add, but I suppose you use what you got.

You don’t have to add the rice, but put it out as a side that can be added by those who want some. Also, diced onions, grated cheese, crushed tortilla chips, warmed corn - these can be on the side, and added if wanted.

I always add macaroni noodles to fill it out and use kidney beans.

Also, a huge glob of sour cream needs to be stirred through, along with a handfull of saltine crackers. The result is a gross looking paste like substance, but is very tasty!