Chili pepper museum and store: Yilan County

Some coworkers just gave me some corn chips with locally made salsa, which I would normally consider a waste of good corn chips. But I was surprised that this salsa wasn’t bad – not bad at all. It came from a chili pepper store/museum close to the Wuta train station in Nan’ao, Yilan County. It might be worth dropping by if you’re in the neighborhood.

The Web site (Mandarin only) is surprisingly large.

Shìjiè Làjiāo Wénhuàguǎn
tel. 03-998-2898

世界辣椒文化館 : 宜蘭縣南澳鄉蘇花路2段1號

They offer mail order. Shipping: NT$200 for orders less than NT$2,000.

I’ll definitely stop off there next time I’m down that way. Thanks for the link.
There’s also a bloke on the backside of Yangmingshan somewhere who grows chiles – mostly habaneros – and makes salsa that’s available online. I went to his farm one time. I’ll try to dig out his namecard if I can remember.

nan’ao is not an Amis area but the Amis make a really nice salsa like dish just without the chilis. Can’t figure out why but it seems traditional as I’ve had old people make it for me in their house.