China accuses Taiwan of paying for supporters at Rio Olympics

Is there no limit to how low China will stoop to in regards to Taiwan competing on the world stage? Not content with forcing Taiwan to compete at the Olympics under the ‘Chinese Taipei’ moniker, apparently they’re complaining on social media that people holding Taiwanese flags at Olympic events are being paid. Disgraceful!

You can’t make this stuff up.

Pretty sure it’s 100000x easier to buy a Taiwanese flag than a “Chinese Taipei” flag anywhere in the world. The flag that the athletes used during the opening ceremony is probably flag 1 of 2 in the world. They have one for back up just in case that one disappears.

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LOL I can imagine the Chinese Taipei flag, sitting alone in a forgotten cupboard for 3.99 years, until it’s brought out for the Olympics… Poor flag! :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s pretty hilarious. I guess they got the idea from their own policy of paying people to “protest”. I’ve seen it in Hong Kong with my own eyes. Bunch of bored looking people waving banners to keep the “Evil Taiwan Cult” of Falun Gong out of Hong Kong. Seriously…

The link the OP provided claims some social media users in China made such accusations (without providing a link). Every country has stupid ppl online making stupid claims and accusations. To say “China accuses Taiwan” is a slight exaggeration.

Ha ha, very good point

Sigh… Chinese ‘netizens’… If I roll my eyes any more they’ll soon fall out.

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