China Airlines - Difference between Eco Flex and Premium Eco Flex?

I am booking flights and since it is 14 hours, gonna go with a more expensive, comfier ticket. Anyone who has used China Airlines, what’s the difference between Eco Flex and Premium Eco Flex?

They have a section for “premium economy class” which I assume is premium eco flex. But not info on eco flex? Is eco flex the same, just with a different seat–in the middle.

Different conditions and things like charges for changes etc, different points. Premium Eco Flex is still Premium Economy, wider seat, more legroom.

Eco Flex is economy class. Premium Eco is Premium Economy class. The “Flex” portion mostly relates to how “flexible” the ticket is to changes. The website is quite clear.

For example, flight to Amsterdam from Taoyuan;

On a 14 hour flight I would highly recommend spending the extra for premium economy, unless you’re very, very sure the flight will be practically empty and you can secure a full row of seats all to yourself in economy. At the very minimum do it for one direction.

I thought Eco Standard was the normal econony class.

I was gonna go for premium. Get more legroom and comfort. So i go for premium eco flex

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