China arrests HK reporter on charges of spying for Taiwan

I wonder if Felix Soh and the management at the Straits Times knew this. After all, I’m sure they knew their Jakarta Bureau Chief also moonlighted for Singapore’s intelligence services :smiling_imp:

Its what makes the world go 'round.

China has also ban foreign investment in media and publishing. [url]

A report alleged that Chinese officials have cited ‘cultural security’ as a cause, what an extention to the already vague concept of security.


Together with the arrest, it’s difficult not ro reckon that China is really afraid of the influence foreign companies can exert. However, proclaiming ‘millions of Hong Kong dollars’ were received from Taiwan is ludicous. There is no way the government can afford to spend that amounts of mony on one single source. [/quote]

Sex and spying – a voyeurs delight

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[quote]The British embassy in Beijing said requests for consular access to Ching had been denied, even though he is a holder of the British National (Overseas) passport and should enjoy the same protection rights as other British citizens.

“The Chinese authorities failed to recognise that, … they think he is Chinese. All we can do is to keep trying,” spokeswoman Alexandra Louizos told AFP.[/quote]

Yes. HK Reporters are definitely the prime target for spies. After all, everyone knows when there’s a military top-secret, political crum, HK reporters are told first and know all!!

I bet Joan Rivers knows plenty too.

Gosh, when will they let-up on the “Taiwanese Spy” excuse for the long term jailing of innocents. Convenient, yes it is. Believable, not really.

Not believable? Bullshit. There’s undoubtedly a fairly decent number of Taiwanese spies around China, just like there’s undoubtedly a crapload of mainland spies here.

I guess I don’t see the logic in all of this.

If citizens of Hawaii came to the continental USA, could they be arrested for spying???

I don’t think so. I believe the logic is based on the fact that the USA considers Hawaii as part of the USA.

Well … doesn’t China claim that Taiwan is a part of China ???

Then how can a Taiwan citizen be arrested for spying ???

For the renegades. They’re spying for the renegades.

As a spy for the separatists, I suppose… Or maybe for spying on behalf of an illegitimate, exiled government??? I dunno, I’’'m just pulling this out of my arse…

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: I mocked the abilities of a reporter to get top secret information. You think the CCP shares top secret information with a HK Reporter who has been known to be critical of the CCP?

Not believable that we’d pay millions for a HK Reporter to act as a spy when last year apparently Xinhua says a few hundred thousand was able to buy us a lower ranking PLA general.