China cancels visa restriction on bald Taiwanese


(Looks at calendar)

Well, it’s not April Fools Day.

China had a visa restriction on bald Taiwanese? What possible rationale would there be for this??

“The Taipei-based Liberty Times quoted unnamed travel agents as saying…”

There you go.

They are afraid bald Taiwanese (men, I presume) can hide spying equipment under their toupees, or can more easily alter their appearance.

I wonder if they actually have a rejection stamp like: “Rejected: Bald Taiwanese”

Edit! Added the following:

This article explains Relations between Taiwan and China have improved remarkably since Ma Ying-jeou became the island’s president in 2008 after vowing to boost trade and tourism.

Well, if ECFA doesn’t work out, Mr. Ma can always point to this victory on behalf of all the bald Taiwanese.

OP, are YOU bald?

Yes, and now I can go to the southern Chinese city of Xiamen for their excellent hair restoration services.

It was probably meant to be bold Taiwanese. But after a typo it ended up as bald Taiwanese.