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Will need to obtain a China Touriist VISA while in HK next month. Can anyone recommend a reputable company to help me expedite the processs? Does anyone have experience with the travel Co. at the HK Airport?

What passport(s) do you have? China have visa-exempt trials going on currently for a few countries (mainly European).

This was a common question that tourists used to ask me all the time back when I was working as a hotel concierge in Hong Kong.

I’ll give you the same answer I gave them, with the caveat that things may have changed since then.

The answer is just go to CTS (China Travel Service) in Wan Chai and apply directly. Going through a travel agency will not expedite the process. They don’t give agencies priority.

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that’s not true, always went to a very grifty agent in TST, paid cash, pic taken there, passport back with tourist visa after a like 3 days. CTS requires all proof of travel and whatnot.

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It’s the same timeframe if you apply directly, but CTS definitely asks you for your travel plans.

so less convenient, and u could even pay more for rushed service at the agent. next day visa delivery.

The name of the dodgy travel agent was Shoestring Travel. God the memories that brings back.



this is the dodgy place, happy memories haha

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I’ve gotten China visas in HK about twenty or so times. This place is by far the best option in my experience.

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We used it also with my former company to get biz visas

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I’m from none of the countries offered this service:
France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Malaysia for a year

They added more countries in March. Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Malaysia, Switzerland, Ireland, Hungary, Austria, Belgium and Luxmbourg.

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Thanks All, I’ll check out fbt-chinavisa

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Thanks irish but still no help. Appreciate the info.

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This is what fbt e-mailed me:
If you hold US passport, it is no single entry and you must apply 10 years
The normal visa cost is multi entry L visa HKD3,730.00 (6 working days).

The express visa cost is HKD4,730.00.
Crazy expensive

that’s interesting re the 10 yrs visa, but pricing is “normal”, even in TW US passport holders have higher visa fees.

Very handy the 10 yrs visa, only Canadians (at least they used to) and Americans can get it

Hope they keep expanding their visa free policy. Then i might think about going to china again. Aint no way im sitting through the hassle and cost to apply for a visa for china in 2024.

I wouldn’t hold my breath if it’s the US though… not with all this “China bad” narrative they keep pushing.

They’re flying direct to Chengdu from Songshan. Such a shame I can’t take advantage of that. From Chengdu you can now fly direct to places like Daocheng and Shangrila (Zhongdian) which means the really high mountains are just a bumpy bus ride away.

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Wow, sounds like they want to commit to a long term relationship after the first date: run! They always worked for me, but I guess experiences apparently might vary.