China eliminates all LGBT references in Bohemian Rhapsody film

Because, of course, there are absolutely no LGBT folks in China :roll_eyes:

Eleven years ago I had a decision to make: Move to China or Taiwan. It’s stuff like this that keeps reminding me I made the right choice.


They decriminalized homosexuality in 1997 but they still censor that kind of content? What for? I mean, I know that they want to enforce their views etc etc, but it’s such a weird statement to say:“Being homosexual is not illegal, but don’t be homosexual”.
But hey, communist party is gonna do what communist party does.

Fear not, though: we’re close to the end of the month, so in a week or so there will be our traditional Wumao who’s looking for his monthly salary and will start another one of those threads to remind all foreigners how china is so much better than Taiwan.


We shut the last wumao down fast. Almost felt sorry for the turd.

That would be a very short movie.


It was already a heavily edited version of Freddie’s life.


I don’t want to live in any country where they don’t have Netflix.

How about CommieFlix with extra red sauce ?

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They already do this to films and shows in China.

I didn’t notice many LGBT references in the movie.

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I think they did a good job making the movie about his story as him as a person overall and music and not so much he was fighting being oppressed as gay.

He was actually a closet straight who was too scared to come out about his heterosexuality :wink:

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Too scared to come out about his four extra teeth more like it.

Are we not watching the same movie, loads of it was about his homosexuality.

It was super toned down, he was extremely promiscuous. They also didn’t show his legendary birthday party in Spain .

Actually I’m kinda surprised it got shown in China. I can’t imagine Queen was very big there.

I guess that explains the differences that led to Sacha Baron Cohen getting scratched from the project

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Kind of funny to think about. The movie must have seemed pretty nonsensical to them.

What else is nonsensical is it got an Oscar for this atrocious editing.

Haha…I can imagine it would have been a very different film.
But Brian Singer was also a director and he’s been implicated in some really bad stuff too.

He wasn’t big in Taiwan either but it was released in Taiwan as well.

They have a quota for foreign movies though.
I wonder if the Winnie the Pooh movie will get shown there :joy:

Apparently we were not…I wondered if Malaysia censored gay references as well and found out they did. In my version…he was basically straight and you had to take a hint he was gay and those guys weren’t just his friends. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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