China is doubling direct flights

Just announcd on CCTV international 9, doubling the direct flights and lowering fares.

Oh, I feel sorry for you man, stuck in a Chinese hotel on Hainan watching CCTV 9. A documentary on the Kingdom of Nanyue with your host Winston Chen who waves goodbye by clapping his hand like he is imitating a duck is coming up next. Don’t miss it.

Taiwan is doubling the flights. China merely agreed, because its travel sector insisted upon it. But hey! It’s cool! Yeah, it was China what did it. :roflmao: Because that’s what you DO when you’re just one big happy family.

Hey, when you’re stuck in a hotel in some crappy town in the middle of nowhere, cctv 9 can definitely be your friend :slight_smile: And your only link with the outside world. Although the commercials get really old really fast. That one about the fancy bottled water is particularly obnoxious, it’s just freaking water, shut up about it :unamused:
Anyway, anyone know which airlines are getting the new flights? Chinese ones, Taiwanese ones, or split between both? I have to fly Taiwanese airlines for business, so some more options would be great. Despite flying back and forth to China twice recently, I only managed to get on one direct flight (and that left TPE at 8:20 am, ugh).

CCTV sucks big time. And the bottled water add is driving me nuts. Art Deco water! WTF!
I got to go find some scotch or . . . . .

The worst was the tea pillow commercial.

Actually Jade Travel with that pudgy foreign guy is up there too.

I’d like to keep up with what’s going on with direct flights. That would save me some time next trip over (although it seems sort of sad in a way to deprive all the newbies of the enforced vacation in Hong Kong thing…)

you’ve hurt the feelings of the Chinese people

CAL is “making a killing”:

[quote]The Taiwan-China flight route has replaced Hong Kong-Taiwan and Japan-Taiwan routes as China Airlines’ golden route, said CAL chairman Philip Wei Hsing-hsiung.

Wei anticipates that the Taiwan-China flight route will contribute to 10% of CAL’s total revenues by the end of this year, compared with the present 7.3%.

To cope with the further liberalization of the travel and tourism policy across the Taiwan Strait, CAL will lease at least two high-capacity A330 passenger aircraft for the route in 2010.