China sails aircraft carrier through the Taiwan strait


After that Taiwan scrambled jets. Being picked up on various news outlets now.


Pretty much showmanship at this stage. Literally Showboating.


Helping a bit to put Taiwan back on people’s maps.



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Still sabre rattling. Still doubtful anything will happen (hopefully)

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And China officially protesting the use of Marines at AIT. You know that was coming.


Yeah but with France? Over the Taiwan Strait? Bit too much even for them Chinese, don´t you think?


It does seem to be the Chinese Way to piss people off for no apparent reason, just to make sure everyone understands that the Chinese are “powerful”. They’ve still got that skyscraper-sized chip on their shoulders about what a bunch of long-dead Europeans did to some long-dead Chinese people.

I’m surprised they would do it to the French, who are famously prickly about that sort of thing. They might be cheese-eating surrender-monkeys, but they’re also one of the world’s biggest weapons-peddlers and have a lot of global clout. While they’re obviously not going to start an incident over it, I’m sure they can dream up a thousand petty little ways to annoy the Chinese in response.

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Parisian waiters will be slightly more rude to Chinese diners?

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Damn. That would be worth watching.

I still have nightmares about Parisian waiters.

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No more Chinese allowed on the Eiffel Tower! They’re all spies!


Now the Chinese will come to the French with money to buy weapons or art or whatever, and demand abtter deal because they were slighted. And in order to sell, the French will apologize… and get a nice kick in the butt for it, some other embarrassment in the wings.


hmmm … I wonder. I can’t imagine the French apologizing for anything, TBH.

I don’t think China buy any weapons from France anymore, do they? They’ve got some pretty nice kit of their own, now. I was thinking more along the lines of France selling weapons to some State that China doesn’t like. Taiwan, say.


It is more for the sake as you said to prove that they have everyone else under their finger.


The French might, Parisians, NO!


Eu got arms embargo on China since 1989, they can’t sell


Their aircraft carriers are pretty lousy. One refurbished Russian one and one indigenous not impressive one. Unless I’m out of date. Just cannon fodder for subs.