China VPN

Quick question, anyone know any service with VPN servers in CN? Quick google search didn’t show any results.

nvm, I found it.

Which one?

none, I had a friend in china who could test something for me(I blocked of china from one of my websites, too much spam coming from those guys)

Astrill has one. I used to use it years ago to watch chinese subbed movies online while in Europe. Little did I know back then that while watching Game of Thrones I was missing all the boobies :joy:

First of all let me know you want to use vpn from china or outside china.
I am using Express vpn which working perfectly in china.
But if you want to know much more about the best china vpn you can check the guides available.

When I was in china or even outside China I use PureVPN. Because when I am in china I could easily get any server in the world and when I m back here in Australia I can get connected chinese servers. It is the Best china vpn I m using.

i ve used vpns with which provide chinese servers and also provide chinese IP but they are not of use the IPs get blocked by the chinese government. if you use VPNs for hongkong or hk VPN which provide hongkong IP you will feel the ease with it.

china bans vpn and it is pity for foreigners and chinese, i found a big issue while living there but a friend of mine introduced me a website of 2019 china vpns with helped me alot. 他给我介绍的2019年3个最佳中国VPN-容易的访问翻墙网站