China's genocide of Uighurs and news suppression

Yeah, like did you hear about Donald Trump rounding up black people and putting them in gas chambers?
Who cares if it’s true? As long as it paints Trump in a bad light it’s good.
Or was that Biden rounding up conservatives and shoving them in gas chambers? Who cares etc. ?

If I hated Trump more I wouldn’t mind fake news ruining his life. It’s stupid to fight clean when the other side fights dirty.

The media as a whole. Not individual journalists. My point is that we don’t know which journalists are reporting things accurately, and how many are taking pictures of random buildings, labelling them “reeducation centres”, and then heading back to the bar at the Hilton for cocktails. Don’t tell me that sort of thing doesn’t happen.

Sigh. I haven’t “fallen for” anything. I’m well aware that FUD is China’s (and Russia’s) main propaganda tool. It’s pretty clear that there’s some serious shit happening to the Uighurs. But when these things happen, the picture that’s presented is inevitably skewed by laziness, bias, or malice. I’m not suggesting the reports are false in their entirety. I’m suggesting they may not be accurate in (a) the details and (b) the very big picture.

Consider how US police are reported. There are big problems with the police. Big, big problems. But those problems are inseparable from the wider context (a culture with a relatively high level of violence, crime, and corruption), and the problems that appear in the media are not generally representative of the police force in general.

Now, China should not be in Xinjiang. God knows what they think they’re playing at. But I’d like to get a more nuanced picture of what’s going on than “it’s a genocide!”. Xinjiang probably isn’t Rwanda.

But there’s no ‘media as a whole’.
It’s an absolutely meaningless statement.

You’ve got to pick out issues with specific reporters, specific reports…Otherwise you are joining in throwing unjustified shade at those people.

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That’s like saying that planet Earth doesn’t exist because in reality it’s made up of oceans and countries.

It’s like saying all governments are shit , all people are shit…Blah blah . It’s meaningless.

The journalists going in there , those are the good guys in all of this.

I think it’s highly unfair to start throwing shit at them as part of an undefined ‘whole’ for making an effort to get to the truth and expose the situation. Do you want them to report on crashed cars in Taiwan instead ?

Well, they are :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyway, read the rest of what I wrote if you don’t like that bit.

How? How am I supposed to know what’s missing if it isn’t there? How can I know what’s objectively true or false? That’s my point.

You can by consistently following the subject.

Look for details that are verified from multiple data points, multiple sources .
Build a picture.
.That picture is being built out of Xinjiang now. Leaks, videos , interviews, satellite pictures over time. It’s building up to something very damning.

When there’s missing info that is mainly because of the dictatorship there . Disappearing people, extreme censorship ,threatening remaining family in Xinjiang.

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I completely agree.

But then, so did “Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction”. So did “COVID-19 is going to kill us all”. My point is that “the media” have been caught in outrageous lies before. Individual journalists might well be risking their freedom or their lives to get to the truth. Their bosses are a different story.

This is not Saddam’s WMD though. There really was unbelievably little evidence to back that up. I remembern Powell’s presentation on the 'mobile weapons ’ lab which was a grainy pic of a truck . That’s how little they had .

There’s a large amount of info coming out of from Xinjiang now that is corroborative and it’s over a period of a few years. You can even see how the camps are expanded, the govt policy leaks , different docs . Something really bad is happening there . One may or may not call it genocide but that’s probably beside the point , China will block it at the UN and hide the truth as mcjh as possible even of dead bodies . At least Canada has condemned them . It’s a start.


when in doubt, just follow the Canada

see? :arrow_down:

On the front page of today’s Taipei Times:


  1. None of this is new. Reports, including from people I personally know, of this happening on various scales throughout the early days of the CCP, during the Cultural Revolution and, more recently, against Falun Dafa.

  2. I think that many of you are not being realistic in how little most people know about China. Even if an article is published, it’s not really discussed.

  3. Politics have influenced people to respond in irrational ways. For instance, outlets like the Epoch Times have been reporting on these kinds of reports for years but they also reported favorably on Trump and Trump is bad, therefore, the ET is untrustworthy and China is the victim. This happens on this site.

  4. Countries aren’t going to decide if China is to be boycotted; companies are.

  5. Nobody’s going to put serious pressure on the country. Rwanda wasn’t going to have a response. It took likes about WMD to get involved in Iraq. International organizations still haven’t investigated the origins of covid because China.


US should place nukes in Japan, S. Korea, Taiwan and Philippines. Let them act as deterrence. Then these countries can take on China.

Duterte with nukes?

Great plan! What could go wrong?



Nothing. They have to be controlled by external forces. Even a fraud rumour about their existence in these countries may suffice aka Israel.

Um … different context, but same basic scenario:

Indeed. That guy could probably cause an international crisis with an Etch A Sketch, nevermind a nuclear arsenal.

Except Israeli nukes are not controlled by outside forces.
Can you imagine S. Korea, Japan, or even Taiwan, agreeing to the presence of nukes controlled by the US? Or these countries “taking on” China? Not that any of them of them particularly want to.

I couldn’t imagine a Buffon becoming US president but it happens. You never know …

Buffoon Biden has a nice ring to it.