Chinese advise China to bomb Australia

The Global Times has long had a reputation for frothing at the mouth nationalism, which, yes, is held by some of the extreme members of the Party, but does not represent mainstream views.

The Brits still have functioning nuclear capability? I was under the impression that most of the people who know what the oil-change schedule is are dead or retired.

China banned Aussie Iron Ore, now looks like China lost $$, Aus winners


Bwahahahah! The CCP shot itself in the foot.


lol. Old news!

Iron ore is closer to $230 per ton now, 6 months later.

Ironically (nice pun!), this is in a free market without fixed price negotiations that China set up to break the price fixing. Haha!


Watch them spin it and blame everyone else while getting blamed. and because they are both diligent, and autistic, they will come out ahead cause the rest of the world seems to suffer from alzheimers and.will forget fairly soon who fucked them and. what is happening. ETA 11 months and somehow china is on top of iron ore again and destroying world markets. As per the status quo we all lovingly accept.

Wow, Iron Ore miners once again are doing well, Perth must be booming. Australia is really the “Lucky” country. (one of it’s nickname)

Any country that decouples from china will win and be the lucky country long term. Dont play with the needle.


Now beef prices

Could be part of

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So australia loses its massive market selling to china. Theortically that causes massive supply over abundance. And prices go up? Haha. Too many middlemen, fucking the planet. When this happens its time for people to start looking into why. Iron ore and frozen beef arent exactly rare commodities.

Although reliance on china has proven to be pretty fucking stupid. As predicted for a long ass time by many.

All raw materials are in short supply.

Ok. If that were true, the important question would be why. Renewable raw materials such as food, wood, heat and such surely are not limited. Regardless of hungry people and cold houses being prolific. Finite resources, i would wonder considerably as to why we are in short supply. For example non precious materials that are easily recycled and remanufactured. For example iron.

This is why i always like to point out the blame that is owed from every individual. Not just china, not just corporations not just “the west”, but everyone who willingly buys wasteful shit because they cna afford it. This ha become a pretty out of control downward spiral that peoole are starting to wake up to. Albiet far too late for a species that claims the quality of intelligence that we do.

Go to costco and buy a sd card, a tv, a steak or whatever and see the amount of packaging waste. This isnt a limitiation of resources, it is an extreme acceptance of, even drive for, excessive waste that is ultimately completely unnecessary to the products purpose or end users application. With this view point, i dont view most raw materials in short supply, i view them as wasted supplies due to a retarded civilisation that follows sheep rules and refuses to adhere to efficiency, ergonomics, sellflessness, sustainability etc etc.

The last computer i bought had more weight in packing materials than the actual computer. The sd card at costco doesnt need a 30cm cardboard backing fixed to plastic to get their point accross that its class 10, made in china and has ___ gb of storage. they make it big to advertise to dumb people about how great something is. This scenario poses serious threats towards the future of not only our cultures and countries, but our species and planet as a whole.


Because we’re coming out of a pandemic in which supply lines were shut down, and there are hiccups in opening. Also “just-in-time” delivery systems, adopted world-wide in the last couple of decades, means there aren’t many materials on hand when the supply lines are interrupted.
Unfortunately, we will probably happily go back to the way things were- till the next crisis.

I’m pretty sure the big packaging is for theft deterrent. And they use that extra space for advertising of course.

Most smaller 3c type stores just put them in a locked display case. Or behind the counter/in front of cameras like cigarettes and alcohol. Problem solved for many decades and million of tonnes of garbage averted :slight_smile: i dont think its due to anti theft to be honest.

Sure, i get that view point. But there is a huge difference between raw materials being finite and the transportation and/or manufacturing processes being messed up due to the human reactions to any given thing causing transport issues. In this case a virus and politics. Certainly certain industries can be affected quite a lot. However given the relatively small number of humans required for say raw ore, wood even food now, its just not adding up. in this sense i think a single virus isnt the issue. Its a politcal and social reaction with the virus as a convenient excuse to rig the game further. Note i am not saying the virus isnt real or serious. It is. But strictly from an economical logistics point of view, that excuse doesnt work. Its the reaction to the virus, the panic and the greed that feeds off it. It just happened to come at a time the worlds factory, china, started getting called out by the world and shit got real, fast. And hopefully it will continue down this road because we REALLY need to change how things are done currently. Everything we do now is extremely short term thinking that is going to hurt like a sunnabitch once that brick.wall gets close.

When w look back now at mass deforestiation mkngst various civilisations, or taking all the water, wildlife etc, or slavery all that shit. W look down in it and wonder how could we have damn blind? What always gets me is that we still do all those things now, on a larger scale and no fucks given. Pretty stupid for an intelligent species.

Anyway, ther is a lot of raw ore, food, lunver, oil etc now. I.dont see shortages, i see people playing the odds at a very complex card game. Once the logistics opens up, countries start their manufacture again (either china regains full manufacturing monopoly or other countries continue to benefit from companies and society moving away from oppressuve regimes) there will likely still be a short period of price fixing and gouging, but then an over abundance from lack,of sales for a year or whatever.

Never think marketing and economics fallows logic, its almost always related to greed, power and corruption.

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It seems obvious the ccp is avery real worldwide threat/cancer. If this turns out ti be true, my only hop is that, just like the nazis, they push too hard too fast and piss off too many nations too quickly which will inevitably trigger a counter measure. And this certainly seems to be exactly what they are doing.

The ccp is scary and evil, but thankfully they are pretty fucking stupid as well. My only fear us ge coubtless innocent lives, vast tracts of environments et that will all be torn apart for what? Stupidity?

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