Chinese Babies in Suitcases


[quote]Police in southwestern China discovered 28 baby girls hidden in suitcases on a long-distance bus and apparently destined to be sold, police and a state-run newspaper said.

One of the babies had died by the time police, acting on a tip-off, found them Tuesday night on the bus at a highway toll gate in Bingyang, Guangxi province, the Beijing Morning News said.

Another officer said the youngest babies were only a few days old. “They had been on the bus for four or five hours before they were found,” he said.

The oldest baby was no more than three months old, the newspaper reported.

Some of the infants were two or three to a suitcase. The nylon suitcases were stacked on the luggage rack, the back row of seats and along the sides of the bus.

The babies appeared to have been drugged to keep them from crying and being found.

“Most of the people arrested were middle-aged women from Bingyang. They probably wanted to make some money. They might have been headed for Guangdong,” he said.[/quote]

Holy cow!! This has just ruined my day.



That’s as frightening as human remains stuffed into Hello Kitty dolls in Hong Kong (true story!).


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I think the offenders should be packed into suitcases and shipped themselves. I also think that rapists should be locked in a room with baseball bat-armed husbands, fathers, and/or brothers of the victims, or simply castrated outright. Punishments should fit the crime.

I prefer the Hanibal version tomas. Would make a new version of skin. :slight_smile:

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[quote]Barely a month after Guangxi police found baby girls hidden in nylon bags, police in eastern Shandong province busted another child-smuggling ring and rescued 21 baby boys.

The authorities in Jiaxiang county were informed late last month that some villagers were seen behaving suspiciously with a man carrying a baby, a newspaper reported.

Acting on the tip-off, some plainclothes policemen set off for a building where the group was meeting.

According to the Beijing Youth Daily, they stopped a trishaw rider and his passenger, who was carrying a baby.

The woman told the policemen that the trishaw rider had sold the baby to her.

The man was arrested. During questioning, he disclosed the whereabouts of 10 other men, believed to be his accomplices.

The police nabbed the men and saved the 21 babies during the operation.

Further investigations revealed that the babies were either bought or abducted by a syndicate which operated mainly in Shanxi and Henan provinces, the Beijing Youth Daily said.

Its members would approach families who want a son and offer them an infant for between 15,000 yuan (S$3,200) and 18,000 yuan.

The baby boys are being looked after by some villagers as the police are unable to locate their families.

The previous child-trafficking case took place in the town of Binyang. Twenty-eight baby girls - all less than three months old - were discovered packed in nylon bags aboard a bus. One of the babies later died.[/quote]