Chinese Class

I’ll be moving to Xindian, New Taipei this end of July. Any school offered free Chinese class accredited by Taiwan government. Please let me know. Thank you!

If you are a spouse of a citizen, heroes a list of classes providing by the NTC government.

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Thank you so much!!!

Is there a page for classes in Taichung or Nantou City?

This one?

臺中市海區新住民學習中心(德化國小) 新住民識字專班


Thanks. I was able to find the page for Nantou with the Chinese words from your links.
My wife called the first number and was able to sign me up for free classes in September.



How are the classes? recommend?

They just started this week. So far so good.

Hi ~

If you see my message , “please” give me a reply as soon as possible , I have some important questions want to ask , thank you .

hi, I did.

The classes are good. But the instructor has to accommodate various language abilities.
Some do not speak any Chinese at all, some can speak but can not read and write, etc.

Most were brides from Vietnam, Philippines getting their Chinese language classes hours for citizenship.
It can help you get started. Helped me understand how the characters are composed.

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