Chinese classes in Tainan/Chiayi area

Hello :sunny:
I’ve been in Taiwan now for almost 2 months and I would really like to take a chinese course here. My chinese is not really beginner level anymore, like I can have some easy conversations. But I would really like to join a class, because I’m always a little bit lazy when it’s about learning a language just by myself.
But my question now is how to find a chinese class which is near me, maybe somebody has experience finding one?
Because I live in Xinying, so I looked up courses in Tainan or Chiayi, but I only found the university classes. And they’re are a little bit too expensive for me, because I’m a volunteer here, so I don’t really have that much money to spend on such a class.
So it would be really great if somebody knows how to find a good chinese class around here :slight_smile:
Any advice would be much appreciated! :smiley:

Try joining the Facebook group “Chiayi Expat Classifieds and Social Forum”. There are some tutors and classes posted on there.