Chinese Classes Slow in Summer?

I stopped into one of the Mandarin schools that I have taken a class at before. I wanted to register for class as they are ongoing and easy to drop into.

They said June July and August are slow for taking classes because all of the typical students (which are English teachers) are not around to take classes because it’s summer break or something. They said come back after August for the next Mandarin class.

I’ve never heard this before and just wonder if that sounds accurate to anyone else?

I’ve already registered at another school so not a problem but I never heard that before.

Just out of curiosity, which school is it?

I’m not going to say the school’s name but they’ve lost at least 6 weeks of regular tuition and more weeks of intensive tuition that I have added.

Minimally they’ve lost only me one student $15,000 just for let’s say six weeks of regular classes but if you factor in the additional intensive class that I’ve added that’s upwards of 30000. I think probably would have helped pay the bills.

Factor in one or two additional students that probably would have showed up and that could even pay a part of their monthly bills.

Plus the fact that I’ve found another school and actually more than one more school so they probably lost at least 40 or 50000 or more just for me alone.

Business 101 what’s up… you take the customer even at a loss or breaking even thinking about the long run.

So back to my original Q which was more out of business curiosity then student curiosity, are Chinese classes really that slow at this time of the year that they don’t even want to have students?

I’m just wondering if it’s the chain school that’s currently appealing a severance & pension lawsuit (worth over $2m just for one employee) to the Supreme Court. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were having higher turnover than usual.