Chinese cooking class/school/course (in Mandarin) in Taipei?


Does anyone know of a few good cooking classes/schools in Taipei?

I’m really not interested in more classes on European cuisine, but would love to spend some time in Chinese cooking classes (包子,海參,etc.), possibly even taught in Chinese so that my food vocabulary improves dramatically. :slight_smile:

Any thoughts or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!


The adult education colleges 社區大學 have lots of classes, and they’re pretty cheap. It’s worth having a look.

Their website (Chinese) is:

The China Youth Corps and Weichuan Foods are quite well known locally for their cooking classes. You can phone them, or drop by to get some information:

China Youth Corps
45, Kuanchien (Guanqian) Rd, that’s the street next to the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Tower across from the railway station
they’re on Songjiang Rd just north of Nanjing E Rd, in the building that houses a Barista and a Toyota dealership.

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Jodie (of Jodie’s Kitchen) was offering classes a while back. She’s contactable via Bikefarm.

Theres a restaurant supply place in Banchaio that offers cooking classes, or at least they used to. I’ll find out more sooner or later. Don’t have the address now.

Try this:

Wow, thank you so much for these great ideas… Now I just need to get my cooking vocab up to scratch. :slight_smile:


I had some great Taiwanese cooking classes with Jodie last year. She has a website,

She charged about $120 (US) for a private class for one, but they really were amazing and absolutely worth that, in my opinion. She’s very enthusiastic about good food and she really wants to share that with everyone. I think she only ever teaches one or two people in each class. So you won’t be in a group of 15 backpackers like a cooking school in Thailand! :laughing:

Almost every recipe she taught me was not only a revelation, but also delicious. She’s a very good teacher, too, by that I mean that I now actually know how to make the things she taught me, and I still do make my favorite ones, like sesame noodles and the weird but wonderful spicy pineapple :notworthy:

A five hour class for 4000 ntd sounds like a good deal

G&G (now Willie’s Deli, I think) in Tianmu had a sign up saying they teach cooking.

And across the street from that is Le Jardin cooking studio. They teach French cooking, as well as Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Thai-Burmese and Indian cooking, desserts, bread baking, wine (tasting?) and kids’ classes, and do catering. 2877-1178, Tianmu, Zhongshan N. Rd. Sec. 7, Lane 14, #15, 1F

They normally teach in Chinese but if there’s a group large enough interested, they can open a class in English or one of the other languages one of the chefs (Swiss?) speaks. It looks like they have different teachers for each cuisine.

None of the links works. Can’t get to their website.

We stopped by a mere two days ago, and I’m just entering the info from their business card. :idunno:

I wld like to visit Taiwan and start w Taipei or Taichung. I wld like to learn baking. Does anyone know where I can enroll in some baking sch? I hv studied in Le Cordon Bleu before and wld like to learn new techniques.