Chinese Culture University

Stay away from teaching at this university. The English department at the extension campus are nice and helpful, but the people who are calling the shots at the top seem unethical and dishonest. I was hired part-time to teach one weekend MBA course. Told me that there was some strange new law that makes it illegal teach at the place other than where your ARC is. (My ARC is outside of the teaching profession, but I like to teach part time at universities on the weekends…have had no problem in the past) Gave me the total runaround, cancelled my class at the last moment, and will not recompensate me for for this weeks class. The people I dealt with were really nice, but the admin people on the top have made me angry by dicking me around :fume:

Hmm, if I didn’t misunderstand your situation, then you might perhaps not want to complain about that university (although it’s really not the best one… :wink: ). The law you mentioned has been in place for quite some time and is just (like most laws here) only randomly enforced.

If the administration people at Wenhua didn’t want to allow you teaching there, they were just trying to abide by the law.

Then they should have known their interpretation of their own rules before hiring me and before I lectured one class already. Furthermore, they should have compensated me for cancelling my class two days before it was scheduled. They hired me legitimately, then spoke about a new law they were just aware of, offered to do it under the table, and then even reneged on that.

I currently teach at another university and my government job people know I am doing this. I am just pissed that CCU hired then unhired me without compensating me. Again, I reiterate, great people on a departmental level, but the top-people seem to care only about the bottom line and not about quality. They sure didn’t treat me in a manner I am used to.

Actually used to work there a few years ago, but swore never to do it again, despite the good pay I got.

The downtown branch is really not very well run at all. Things are much better up on the mountain. And things weren’t much better at the PCCU language center they have (had) on Chungshaio East Road.

Some of my colleagues have had good teaching there, though, with good students, but administratively speaking, not good.