Chinese doc for sports injury

hi, i’ve hurt myself again. b4 i had a good chinese medicne doc who was better than any sports physio back home. he has left tho. does anyone know of a good doc for sports injuries.

i know 1 just off Heping but he isn’t as good and a bit of a shark.

cheers for any help

just to add , the doc used massage mostly to fix it, it’s a injury to the tendons and joint capsule in the shoulder
cheers again

I strongly recommend that you get a proper examination and diagnosis by a practitioner trained in Western medical anatomical principles before any treatment by a traditional practitioner.

If this is not done then you may receive treatment which will actually make your problem worse.

Many people have recommended Dr Mark, and I also recommend the Tai-Da sports medicine clinic. I suggest you search for posts on these.

thanks, i have had the injury before and seen western docs back home. they are relatively useless at fixing it. chinese medicine (massage and acupuncture) is far more effective when done by a good doctor. the doc i had before who left was excellent at correctng tendon related injuries.
cheers again tho

Well, Dr Mark also has some kind of advanced Traditional Chinese Medical training, I forget exactly what. So he might be your best bet.

You know what I meant though, right? You seem to know what your problem is which is all well and good. But when people are suffering muscle or bone problems in general then it’s important that they get a proper examination, including x-ray or MRI scans if necessary, before undergoing treatment.

Especially for things like neck problems, tui-na treatment can be injurious and has even on occasion caused paralysis.