Chinese/Euro instant messaging acros


Hi everoyne,

I’m attempting to compile a list of Chinese and other non-English abbreviations/acros/codes that are used in e-mail, ICQ and instant messenging software like AOL messenger.

I know a few easy ones from taiwan …

8811 – “bye bye”
886 – “bye bye lou”
54 … – wo shi …

Any other ones you are aware of in any language (except English, I already have lots of those) using characters, numbers or whatever?

Thanks for your help!


520 - wo ai ni - I love you - used in cellphone text messages.
745 - qi si wo - piss me off - used playing CS



I remember, back in the days when everyone had pagers instead of Da-Ge-Das, one numeric message that a friend of mine got. It read:
787-8978 (09478). Roughly translated, it means "Cnt, cnt, just a cnt! You are just a cnt! I suspect that it was his recently jilted girlfriend. Hell hath no fury…


thanks fellers … and are there any Europeans out there, who might have the Spanish/German/French/etc equivalents, or similar usages?

Thanks for everyone’s help!



ha ha! I remember that for the same reason a few years back Taiwanese with “G8” in their license plates were complaining to the government because it sounded like a very rude Taiwanese word for c***. Good one!