Chinese Golfer Gifting Idea Feedback -Gold "Feng Shui Pearl" Golf Balls

Dear Fellow Expats,

My name is AL, an expat from Hong Kong and during my time in the city i had this idea of developing a gifting product which would aid “GuanXi” and gained “face” from the Chinese. I finally came up with a golfing accessory and have just launched the site and product, so i thought i would ask around the expat communities for additional feedback and suggestions.

The product is a set of nine “playable” gold golf balls that can be taken onto the golf course for a game. I am calling them luck " Feng Shui Pearls" and marketing the product as gifts of luck, prosperity and friendship on special occasion such as Chinese New Years.

Translated the name is:高德富來風水珍珠球禮盒 (9顆個別包裝).

I would love any feedback you might have on the product or my website at:
At this stage the site is primarily in Mandarin but has enough English for easy navigation.

Many thanks in advance and If you know of friends who might be interested, i have a few available.

Well it’s certainly an interesting idea and it looks like a nicely put together package. Can I ask a few questions? What kind of golf ball is it? And have you actually played with them on the course? Are they as visible as white balls from 300 yards away? Are they distracting in the sunshine? What do they look like after being hit around for a few holes?

Hi BrentGolf,

Thanks for your kind words and comments, To answer some of your questions in more details please send me a email directly however i will give a quick reply below.

Our golf balls are made in the USA and in terms of specific details, ie layers, materials, compressions etc i would have to contact our manufacture.

Yes! i have played with them on a course and also had a colleague test the as well. While i am not a golfer per sa they are highly visible in flight, on the green and even in the brushes, especially amongst brown foliage. i even lost one once in the shade of a tree and it was only the gold reflection from the sun that allowed me to find my ball eventually. I am not a good judge of distance but from my games and distance from the hole, i found them easily visible at about 200 yard and i am sure 300 yards is not an issue.

The gold coat for me was not distracting at all, if your referring to them while its on the Tee or ground. They wear and scuff just like any other golf balls and stand up quite well considering the forces impacting them. Send me an email and i be happy to dig up a few pictures from the game for you.

Thanks Brent