Chinese input in Linux question

I am wondering if there is a way I can use SCIM/SKIM to type in pinyin but get traditional characters. I can type in pinyin and get the simplified set with no problems. I also have chewing (bopomofo) set up for my girlfriend to use. However, I’m terrible with bopomofo and would prefer to use pinyin. Anyone have any experience with this? Is there a specific package/option I am missing to set it up? I am using openSuSE 10.1.

if you configured things properly, there is already an option to switch between trad and simpl. characters (on the floating bar). it works fine in mandriva 2006. actually scim with piniyn trad chinese worked out of the box from day one.

Ah! I got it. It was just a little button there on the right side of the im. I didnt see that… thanks