Chinese input method for teenager

This one is not bad either.

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What input method do people use in workplaces here? Don’t tell me they blunder about with zhuyin? No wonder email is not a thing in Taiwan…

There is an IME out there called 追音, can’t find its English name, but if I were to name it, I guess I’d call it Catchup Phonetics. It is a popular IME among court reporters because with practice one can easily go above 150 characters per minute.

The product is a result of the Judicial Yuan asking the makers of Natural Zhuyin (the same people that came up with the Hsu keyboard layout) to make them a workable stenotype like IME.

The keyboard layout looks like this:

The big difference is, instead of pressing one button at a time, you are required to press at most 3 buttons at once. So each syllable is entered with one motion, and AI will help picking out the correct characters in a sentence.

It’s fast, but also sounds carpal tunnel inducing.

I found an example to demonstrate how carpal tunnel inducing it can be. If you want to type 不會, you need to first press QJF at the same time, and then CH, at the same time. Give that a try, and you can imagine what that would do to your hand if you quickly switch between these awkward gestures.

(just an aside from the OP, I truly appreaciate all the replies here. It’s going to take me a few weeks to get back to this thread, but I will do that)