Chinese / Japanese Palm

Maybe someone could help me.

I would like a PDA with Chinese and Japanese capabilities, specifically:

[ul]o address book - for my Chinese and Japanese friends, I’d like to input and look up by character

o dictionary - I would like to load Chinese and Japanese dictionaries, where I can input characters by writing.

I used to have a Sharp Zaurus that was pretty good, but it was only Japanese and the dictionary was deficient.

Does anyone have experience with this? What kind of configuration would I need? e.g., American Palm loaded with different OS’s, etc. Also, advice on where I can buy one would be great.


I did some research, and CJKOS looks pretty good. But it doesn’t seem to support handwriting character recognition. If not, is there another OS that would?


I used to have DragonPen installed (I think along with Water Lou’s Chinese OS at that time). The pen recognition was pretty good. I don’t remember why I dropped it. Maybe it might even co-exist with CJKOS – I’ll have to look into it.

You should be able to search for any text in the address book (regardless of whether it’s in Chinese or not) using the FIND function, as long as you can input what you want to find.

Anybody else having frustration with long wait times before receiving reg codes from CJKOS??? Annoying!!

Thanks Ironlady. I looks pretty good, but their product hasn’t been updated since 1999. I’m worried about compatibility issues.

I’m not sure if and where you could acquire a Chinese OS for a PDA, but can tell you about a truly kickass Chinese dictionary. I’m new to the PDA world, but recently purchased the Oxford Chinese-English English-Chinese Dictionary. It has 3 input methods for Chinese-English:
Pinyin, character recognition (really good!), and by radical.

You can find it at I bought mine directly from the company that makes it. It’s updated pretty regularly, which is included for free once you purchase it. I paid $39.95 for the dictionary. This alone was worth the purchase of the PDA.

Good, good. Always DOWNLOAD from and PAY the developer directly, because does not pay their smaller developers, only the big guys. They owe me a couple of hundred dollars so far and I’m sure I’ll never see it.

I love the Oxford too. It doesn’t require a separate Chinese OS, by the way, for those of you who might want the dictionary but not full Chinese capabilities. I’d also love to see Far East put their “3000 Chinese Characters” on Palm OS and maybe tweak it a bit so it’s more useful for foreigners. :laughing: