Chinese Language school near Fuxing


I’m looking for a language school near Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT or Nanjing E MRT. It doesn’t need to have university status, just offer morning classes.


There used to be a small-ish school on the right hand side of – it’s either Jianguo Road or Fuxing – as you walk south from Zhongxiao. I wish I could remember the name. They didn’t seem to advertise heavily when I was in Taiwan. I remember the location particularly as my flatmate used to work at the BTCO which is at 99 Ren’ai Road. The school itself was on the second floor but there was a smallish sign with English on it (if I remember correctly :blush: ) (I need to make a trip back!!!) The cross street is definitely the one that intersects Ren’ai at the corner when the Fukey Building is as no. 99. There’s a gas station on the opposite corner, and the “Subconscious Restaurant” across the street. Seems to me it’s Jianguo but things are getting increasingly hazy for me on imagining where things are.

I wasn’t overly enamored with what they did at the advanced level but a) things may have changed as staff or management turn over, and b) your needs or desires may be different from mine, so I’d check them out if you can find them based on my horrible description above.

That road is Xinsheng South Road. That language school is down Xinsheng, between Renai and Xinyi. I’ve passed by it–but I don’t know if it is still in business.

D’oh!!! :astonished:

Sorry for the mis-orientation! DEFINITELY time to shop for a ticket back, if only so I will know where people are talking about on the boards!

(I even looked up the BTCO on the Web hoping they would sensibly list the cross-street, but they didn’t. :frowning: )

The school is called My Language School. It is on the west side of Xinsheng Sth road between Xinyi and Renai about four or five doors North of a small lane with a convenience store on the corner and a motorcycle place on the other. It is easy to go past it.
I studied there for a while, ages ago, it was pretty good as bushibans go. They only had two teachers and three classrooms though AFAIR and didn’t have much range of classes. The staff (one secretary ) was very pleasant and their fees were quite reasonable.

I went past there a few weeks ago, and it seemed to still be there. I think they made most of their money from children’s English classes in the evenings, so I don’t know if they still offer Chinese classes. Perhaps a much more recent student there may know.

Oh, in answer to the OP, I don’t think there is any Chinese school near the location you want. Although I’m sure any of the other language schools in the area would be happy to take money off you for one on one Chinese classes if you asked them :slight_smile:

Oh, IronLady, the Subconcious Restaurant was indeed a landmark. They even changed their name to the Unconcious Restaurant… but the building was being heavily renovated (You know Taiwan style, with jackhammers and backhoes :slight_smile: ) last time I saw it about two months ago, so maybe it has gone out of business.

Thanks for all your advice everyone. Ensign the directions are perfect.

The school does still exist and I start tomorrow.

For those interested they charge $3500 for 4 weeks, $7500 for 10 weeks or $350 per hour for tutorial.

Their website gives all the information.