Chinese Mandarin tutor in Kaohsiung


I’m offering Chinese Mandarin tutor service in Kaohsiung area. Please refer to my info as following and contact me if interested.

. male tutor, 4+ years living abroad, used to many accents
. native Chinese, fluent English, basic Japanese
. 150+ hours tutoring English, 80+ hours tutoring Mandarin, student age ranging from 6 to 38, having taught reading/writing/pronouncing/grammar in both languages, demand-oriented lessons
. Kaohsiung City located
. basic/advanced lessons, practical conversations, bopomofo/pinyin system, …etc.
. related information providing (traveling, housing, food, entertainments…etc.)
. Paid trial lesson available

I’m also doing English-Chinese two ways translation/interpretation with 3-year experience, cooperating with agencies in US, China, Taiwan and having clients from all over the world.