Chinese “mothers"

If this story is correct (and I would like to see it verified), it would have to be setting new precedents in authoritarianism. I can’t think of any other regime where spies were imbedded (sorry for the pun) inside the family home. East Germany was probably the closest where family members informed on each other, but this is something else. I wonder if any of these women belong to the ‘Chaoyang Masses’?

“While government notices about the Pair Up and Become Family programme portray it as an affectionate cultural exchange, Uighurs living in exile in Turkey said their loved ones saw the campaign as a chilling intrusion into the only place that they once felt safe.”

“Affectionate cultural exchange”…“they see it as chilling intrusion”.

someone should tell the chinese that this strategy works better if you blame the target of your cultural enrichment of being racist if they don’t enjoy the situation.


They don’t get Huaren culture.

Definitely in need of some cultural enrichment

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How about the Taiwan Government sends in some “mothers” to some mainland households in Taiwan to educate them on how to be Taiwanese? I am sure that wouldn’t be a problem, maybe Han Kuo-yu could be the patron?

The exchange / cultural recognition is not optional; hold-outs are sent to the re-education gulags.

You notice how it’s always Han guests teaching the Uighurs how to eat pork and sing Chinese patriotic songs. We never get to see Han families re-educated to follow Muslim culture.