Chinese mp3 files

Hi all,

I could use a little backup, if anyone has the time to tap out a quick e-mail.

I’m trying to get VOA to provide its Mandarin Chinese broadcast files in .mp3 format (or as a podcast) rather than only in Real Audio, which is a major pain to download. I like to download them and put them on my mp3 player to listen to as I like. It occurred to me that if they got more requests, they might (might!) move on it…anyway if you’re willing, the e-mail is

Naturally VOA is very pro-USA, but it is great practice if anyone aspires to any sort of government work using Chinese.

Anyone aware of other sites that allow download of .mp3 files for broadcasts, or which have podcasts? I’ve found Radio Mandarin from Australia but haven’t had much luck with other stuff. Have to do some more searching I guess.