Chinese names of Movies

Hi all…

Either the search function isn’t working or the old posts aren’t up or something; I know there was an old thread that was related, but I can’t find the info I’m looking for, so…

I’m planning on (slowly) getting together a database of the Chinese names for western movies (and maybe vice versa) to place on the internet. I remember an old post that mentioned there might be some sort of partial database already existing, and that some people might have partial lists themselves. If you guys have any information so I can cut and paste instead of starting from scratch, that’d be appreciated!

(also, I’m definitely not web-savvy yet, so if anybody has any good ideas on how to create this database [ie Excel-like software] so I can maintain and update it easily, that’d be appreciated…)

Either post or message/email me any info you might have. Thanks much! :smiley:

recent movies

Signs: 靈異象限
Windtalkers: 獵風行動
Lilo & Stitch: 星際寶貝
MIB2: MIB星際戰警2
Minority Report: 關鍵報告
Power Puff Girls: 飛天小女警
XXX: 限制級戰警
K19: K19

Some classics:

Gone with the Wind: 亂世佳人
Casablanca: 北非諜影
Citizen Kane: 大國民
Singin’ in the Rain: 萬花嬉春

The last time this came up, I posted a cleaned-up version of something I snagged off the Net several years ago.

Excellent Cranky! Do you mind if I rip that from you? (you wouldn’t happen to have an excel or word version of that, would you?)

Thanks guys for your help! :smiley: Let me know if you find anything else. Hopefully I’ll get this thing up and running in the next couple of weeks.


Hey Cranky, any chance of getting the Pinyin put beside the characters? Now that’d be great. Cheers Amos.

Maybe I’ll try to add the pinyin (don’t worry… REAL pinyin…) to my list as well when I get the site up… depending on how much work that’d take…

I didn’t compile the data myself but merely improved the format, so I’m not really sure if it’s mine to give. But if it is, help yourself.

I doubt I’ll make a pinyin version of that. I’m in the process, however, of converting many of my site’s pages to Unicode with pinyin and tone marks. This is something of a hassle, especially given differences between the various Web browsers; but I’ve got the process down fairly well now and will be putting up several pages on how to automate the procedure as much as possible.

I started the original thread back in March. Here is the address:

Cranky’s database ( is great, but it only lists movies that were produced between 1980 and 1997, so now it’s already five years out of date. And the problem is that most video stores in Taiwan have very few movies more than five or six years old. “Lion King” (which came out in 1994) isn’t even on the shelves anymore (except maybe at Blockbusters).